Mary Valley Heritage Railway

Support MVHR

The Rattler needs your support!!!

Target: $100,000 by February 2013.

The Valley Rattler is seeking donations from friends and supporters

How does YOUR DONATION assist the Rattler?

$12.00 buys dog spikes for a sleeper! (Anchors rail to a sleeper)
$140.00 buys a wooden sleeper and puts it under the track
$650.00 buys a tender full of coal
$4200.00 buys coal for a month

Your donation will be publicised ( with your permission) on the MVHR’s website and Facebook page. A certificate of donation (as well as a receipt) is provided.

Donations can be made via the Rattler office:

  • by credit card by phone to the office
  • by cheque
  • by direct deposit.

Don’t hold back!! Donations will help activities such as workshop activities, plant hire, bridge timbers, track maintenance, care for the steam locomotives and carriages, marketing, training, and paying the bills!!!! If you wish to donate for a particular activity tell us about it.

The Valley Rattler is approved by the Tax Office as a Deductible Gift Recipient - Donations are tax exempt!!!!!

Direct Debit details: MVHR Donor Account,  BSB  064416   AC No  10150747

To receive a receipt for your donation contact the Valley Rattler office with details of an identifying deposit entry as well as your address.

The Valley Rattler is a not for profit organization operating heritage steam train tours through the Mary Valley from Gympie to Imbil.

  • Train Operations are staffed by volunteers.
  • Equipment and track is maintained by paid and voluntary staff.

After two years of depressed tourism conditions:

  • The MVHR’s financial reserves have been depleted.
  • The current suspension of services renders the situation as critical.

At risk is the experience the Valley Rattler offers patrons:

  • Recreating branch line steam train operations
  • The care of heritage equipment.
  • The handing on of work skills through 90 volunteers

To continue the MVHR’s operations to Imbil:

  • The MVHR needs $100 000 by Feb 2013.
  • This allows the MVHR time to source funding for a midyear infrastructure program in 2013.
  • The MVHR can fund some of the $100,000 from asset sales but we need your donation to help get us through.

We are happy to receive in kind donations.

Thank you for your consideration, your donation and Supporting the Rattler!!

Tony Hallam

Contact:        07 5482 2750
PO Box 385 Gympie 4570
In person at Old Gympie Station in Tozer St Gympie